Abey Box is a passive audio mixer, meaning it takes every audio signal you plug into it and mixes them together so you hear them all through one output. This lets you hook multiple devices up to a single input on a powered speaker (BOSE, Philips, iHome etc.) or soundbar. Abey Box has no buttons or switches, so you can “just press play” and not worry about switching inputs. Abey box also has some great creative applications for musicians or DJs. Seniors can benefit from Abey’s ease of use by using it as a set-and-forget replacement for their complicated HiFi system. And if you're just tight for space or budget, the affordable marriage of a powered speaker and an Abey Box can provide all the listening pleasure of a full-fledged HiFi system.


Designed and manufactured by hand in Canada, Abey Box Includes a global FIVE (5) YEAR WARRANTY.

Introducing Abey Box - a small solution for a big problem.

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Abey Box

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